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Hey gang, You guys are amazing!

  ThanksGivin' Back was a total success and so much fun. Through your generosity, and  love, we as a team were able to give Hospice of Lancaster County, a check for $4,778.00 for the tremendous work that they do!     I just want to thanks everybody that bought a ticket, sold a ticket, hung a poster, helped with running it, or wished us well.  Bob Noble and Blue Voodoo Rocked The house!

Make plans to spend New Years eve with us again at the Elks for Our CD release party!

It is completed, it's called "D.C. & Co. Alive" Yes if you like our live shows, you're gonna love this CD!  Yes, we will be releasing this, in conjunction with Smooth Jazz 92.7 on New Years Eve. at the Elks Lodge so make plans to be there! Tickets are only $10 in adv. and $15 at the door will be available at Valentino's Cafe 128 Rider Ave. And the Alley Kat 30 W. Lemon Street. As always there will be 50/50 drawings, cash bar & food available.   We are sending them out to music magazines around the world for reviews, and radio stations for air play. If you're able and want to help promote this, please click here!     Click here to learn more about the new CD and to read an interview about it.! If you need to have these for Christmas presents, and New Years is just too late, contact me and I'll see what we can do? But this year there will be something to look forward too after Christmas!

Yes, That was D.C. & Co. family member and trumpeter Eric Ensminger, that you saw performing on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans. Eric and his wife moved down there several months ago. and he reports that they are doing fine. He's playing 5 nights a week ( and says his chops have never been better!) at a club called "Blues Club" on the 200 block of Bourbon Street. He has reported seeing several D.C. & Co. fans there, and what a pleasure it is when it happens. So when you head down there, go find him,  give him our love & tell him we miss him!

   Yes, our drummer, Dave Santana's son is out of the hospital and doing much better. With extensive rehab, progress looks extremely positive and hopeful! Their family is very grateful for your continued thoughts and prayers.

Yes, I am looking for new venues near and far, to book for next year, if you have any suggestions, connections, or pull. I would appreciate your help. We are looking to play more festivals, city events, ect... Where ever there's people, we'll make a party. Click here to help.

Hey Thanks again, You truly are beautiful!



Much Love!



 If you want us to play your private parties  please get in touch with me as soon as possible because the schedules getting full and we sure like to take care of our friends first. email me at dc-co@comcast.net .

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We want you to be happy! When you buy any of our CDs from CD Baby, you can send them back to me for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. No questions asked. Just send CD in packaging with sales receipt to D.C. & Co. 924 First St. Lancaster, PA 17603 and we'll send your refund promptly!






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