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D.C. with friends and artist 2005 Blues fests

photos by Steve Davis of DavisGraphical

Dave Costarella & Commander Cody



D.C. having fun with Commander Cody (George Fayne)"I've been a huge Commander Cody fan since my teens. These guys haven't lost a nickel! What a great set and they're a blast to work with!"

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D.C., Tom Principato, David Gipe


D.C., Tom Princiapto, & concert promoter, David Gipe enjoy a beer after a great show. "I used to catch Principato back in the 80's & 90's. He's amazing; one of the Washington DC guitar legends, great show!"

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D.C., Kenney Neal, Dave Gipe


Dave Costarella, Kenny Neal, and concert promoter David Gipe, pose for photo between sets.


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Kenny Neal jams with D.C. & Co.



Kenny Neal jamming with D.C. & Co." Years and years ago I sat in with Kenny and his brothers at the Lizard Lounge. His band kicks it! They're all brothers and cousins, & Kenny jumps from the lead guitar, lap steel, harmonica, and what a voice! We sure had fun!"


Honolulu Slim & D.C.


Honolulu Slim and Dave Costarella getting along fine!

"Slim's a blast! What a great harp player. In fact this was his last state side performance before moving back to Honolulu. We shared the same guitar player Big Tone Torres and Slim always said that I barrowed his guitar player 4 years ago and never gave him back. I just made him feel welcome...ya know."


D.C. and Ann Rabson


Ann Rabson of Sapphire (the sassy women of Blues) and Dave Costarella share the love after a solo set by Ann. "What a wonderful lady! She's so talented on the keys and the guitar. She keeps the audience right in the palm of her hand and makes it fun to boot!"


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Frank DiNunzio and D.C.


Frank DiNinzio and Dave Costarella  go way back. "Franks' a one of those natuarally talented musicians. He's fantastic on lead gutar, bass, drums he's got an incredible voice, he was just made to play music. Frank has performed and recorded with us for years. Now he's working out of Atlantic City, and it's a pleasure when our bands cross paths."



D.C. the Billy Hector Band & Dave Gipe


D.C., The Billy Hector Band and concert promoter David Gipe hanging out after the show. Billy Hector is a guitar legend. He's been a New Jersey natural recourse for years. When he has a CD release party, Springsteen shows up to jam. He's performed at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But Billy's a vampire, he had a 2:00pm set that day and he wasn't used to being up that early. They tore it up though!"

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Melissa Martin & Dave Costarella



Sexy swingin' Melissa Martin and D.C. sharing a smile. "Melissa Martin and the Mighty Rhythm Kings are Philly's finest. These guys swing and jump like they invented it!"

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David Gipe, Clarence Spady, and D.C.

Concert promoter David Gipe, Clarence Spady, and D.C. caught here watching the show and hanging out before performing. "Clarence is probably the most gifted Blues musician that I've had the pleasure of knowing, or hearing. It's all soul to soul, it comes from deep inside and touches you in the most refreshing way. He has his demons to battle, but when he's winning, it's the best thing goin'! hey ya all, send a prayer for Clarence."



D.C., Eric Steckel, David Gipe


Dave Costarella, Eric Steckel and concert promoter Dave Gipe pose after Eric tore up the house! "Eric's a dynamo, man. This 15 year old guitar slinger is in complete control. He's a great guitarist, band leader, and all around performer. When he runs out of youth he'll be there with insurmountable depth."

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D.C., lil' Malcolm, Dave Gipe

Dave Costarella, Lil' Malcolm, and concert promoter David Gipe hang out between sets. "I heard their CD, I knew they'd be fun, but I didn't know lil' Malcolm and the Zydeco House Rockers, were going to be that much fun! This family, father brother, uncle, cousin, hell even Mom was along, came up from Lafyette, LA and tore the place up! You couldnt sit still or be in a bad mood while they were playing, if your life depended on it!"

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Sharrie Williams and Dave Costarella


Sharrie Williams and D.C. get close. "Sharrie Williams is one of the most powerful performers that I've ever wittnessed! She goes out and sings her message, and touches every member of the audience, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and musically. She makes you laugh, cry, dance and love. I still get goose bumps when I think about her show."

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Bill Kirchen and D.C. & Co.


Bill Kirchen, Jams with D.C. & Co. "Bill Kirchen and his band, "Too much Fun" were as close as you can get to havin' Too much fun! this x lost planet airman from his Commander Cody days, is definatly the life of the party. During his set he handed his guitar to our guitarist, Big Tone Torres, grabbed his Trombone, got our horn section up on stage with him to jam, and then lead them on a march through the audience, Dixie-land style.



D.C. & Co's Big Tone Torress & Bill Kirchen

If that wasn't too cool, after his set was over he came up and jammed with us for a few, and when Big Tone, broke a string while trading licks with Bill, Kirchen switched guitars with him and Tony played Kirchens' ax for the rest of the set. Awe, what a fun day"

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D.C. & Co.'s guitarist Big Tone Torres trading licks and getting down!


Bill Kirchen and the D.C. horn section

Doug Hill, Bill Kirchen, Eric Emsminger, and Darnell Scott, blowin' it out!




Bill Kirchenjams with D.C. & Co.




Thanks Bill Kirchen you are too much fun!!!