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Lend A Foot Benefit for Gary
     On Nov.27th 2002, we had the “Lend A Foot” benefit for D.C. & Co’s conga player, Gary Miller. Gary had his second leg amputated this past Sept. due to a rare blood disorder that causes blood clots and an allergic affect to the anti-clotting drug heparin. The benefit was to raise spirits and money towards the cost of a wheel chair ramp, medical expenses, new prosthesis, and car adaptations. We asked our friends and fans to help, and boy did they ever!!!

    With special thanks going out to Jim Ruth of the  Lancaster New Era’s Sunday Entertainment. Ray Grunnert of  the Inelegencer Journal,  WGAL, and many more  newspapers and radio stations for spreading the word in such a big way!

     Also special thanks to Sueanna Schrader, and who volunterred their time and effort to make this happen and the Lancaster music community for taking care of their own.

     The Lancaster Elks supplied a wonderful room for the event and the excitingly talented, Inca Campers, volunteered their music services for the first set. People just kept coming in. and spreading their generosity and good will. We partied hearty, till the wee hours, with D.C. & Co. kicking it to a packed house and an energetic dance floor, and then Frank DiNunzio, popping in from Atlantic City for the end of the night Jam session along with the D.C. band and Rose Hudson and several of the Campers all kicking it on the stage at one time.

    When it was all said and done, close to 500 of you came in and shared your love, and through the benefit and donations showing up in the mail, over $7000.00 was raised. You guys are somethin’!

    Gary is still overwhelmed by the love and support that you provided. You’ll be happy to know that 2 new prosthesis are being made and he should be walking on them in a couple of weeks. (He had them make them so he could be 6’ tall) also his car should have the adptions done and he’ll be driving himself to gigs by the end of March!

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