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Understanding Suicide
So few of us get out of it alive and get to share the perspectives and experiences of the torturous  years that lead up to it.; leaving loved ones with only painful questions, guilt and judgments  that can never be resolved. I hope this helps in understanding at some level. If you are in the battle, please consider Ibogaine, it saved my life. Much love -DC  click here to read Understanding Suicide


My life time battle with an internal childhood molestation memory was cured with a single Ibogaine treatment.


Those of you that are trying to cope with the same or similar PTSD issues know of the life long pain and the continuous struggles that bring you to the point that you donít want to live any longer.

   Those of you that havenít had to go through this can never imagine or understand the genuine torture that this puts you through. 

    Iím a 47 year old male. Up until about 8 months ago I was wishing to die and having daily bouts with suicidal thoughts. Since my mid 20s Iíve been trying to fix this internal memory thatís been trying to take control of my life. Iíve tried psychiatrists, healers, even Dianetics. Iíve read so many books and researched so many possible avenues that might cure me. I believe that I became better equipped to help people in my shoes than the people that were available to help me. Nothing helped and the few things that looked remotely promising were out of my price range to continue. I vowed to figure this out and help others or die trying.

   I had pretty much given up on myself, when a friend of mine searching for a way to get his son off methadone, ran across information on Ibogaine as a possible solution. He told me about it and asked me to research it and give him my opinion. So I did and the more I did, the more intrigued I was.

   I learned that itís an extract from a natural root bark in Africa, that itís very effective in drug interruption with minimal or no withdraw. That there are Ibogaine clinics for drug interruption, in most countries, but itís illegal here in the US. When I read that it reboots both the body and the mind to pre-trauma state, I said to myself, out loud, ďOh my God, this will fix me.Ē

I kept researching and found a treatment provider that I was comfortable with and scheduled my treatment.

   To say the least, it was a wild, wild ride. You could feel it go through every nook and cranny of your body and realign what needed to be, while feeling like it was caring for you all the while. As far as the mind, it took me places that I needed to go to and showed me things that I needed to see. It also protected me from seeing things that I couldnít handle while it was doing what it had to, to make me better.

    A few days later when it was all said and done, the molestation memory that lived inside me was completely gone, along with any curiosity to know all of the facts about it.  My health and happiness were on a level that I canít ever recall feeling before; my sciatica was gone, my knees felt 20 years younger and my lungs felt brand new.

   Eight months later, it still blows my mind, and I feel great. Life will still throw bad things my way once in awhile, but now they just land on my shoulders instead of feeling like theyíre stabbing me in my heart. My shoulders can take it.

   I know it sounds crazy, but it worked for me and itís a lot better than the craziness that was trying to ruin my life for over 40 years. If you are where I was and nothing is helping you, research Ibogaine and see if it might be an option for you.

Much love-

Dave Costarella

Feel free to be in touch.  email


If you have time and you'd like to hear a more in depth discussion about my PTSD and the healing of it by Ibogaine, listen to this interview on IboRadio with Damon Smith. by CLICKING HERE I come on just before 5 min. into it and talk for about an hour. (Even though I just realized what a strange talking voice I have), I think you'll learn a lot about how Ibogaine works..

7/20 18 Wall Street Journal article "The New Science of Psychedelics" Basically saying they are discovering what Ibo world has been utilizing for decades. But at least the medical world is taking baby steps to real healing. Please read.

1/12/15 Our guitar player, Tony Torres, did his Ibo session about a year ago,  Now his life and career are better than ever, read his story! Click here!

12/03/12 Hey, I'm still doing great, and am thrilled to have found that Damon Smith who I did the radio interview with, finally did his ibogaine session to get rid of his Combat PTSD. Please click here to watch his testimonial video and learn about  what ibogaine did for him.

Ibogaine links

Ibogaine Explained  written by Peter Frank

If you're considering Ibogaine for any reason, Please, Please check out this book "Ibogaine Explained"! It is the nuts and bolts of an Ibogaine session, what to expect, where it comes from, are you a good candidate and so much more.  A guy named Peter Frank. just put this out, It's available on Kindle or in paperback.

It's a quick read, (less than 80 pages) It will answer most of your questions, also touch on things that you don't care about. But it doesn't sensationalize Ibo, it will help you make a smart decision!

You can get the other stories of "How it saved my life!", on YouTube, here and through out the internet, but this will just give the unglamorous facts, history and will walk you through what to physically expect from an Ibogaine session.

 If you're not sure if ibogaine is calling you or not, please click here, for under $8.00, you can learn all about it, and make the proper decision.  Please believe me, I'm not here to sell you anything, I'm just trying to help if I can.



Rite of Passage A documentary about Ibogaine

Iboga Association An Ibogaine Clinic in Cape Town Africa. This site has a lot of good information on it about Ibogaine and the treatment process.

IboRadio  An internet radio station hosted  by Damon Smith that advocates and deals with all aspects of Iboga , including interviews with providers, Bwiti tribe members, clinics and even me.


Interview with Eric Taub Eric Taub is one of the pioneers in providing Ibogaine treatments.

World Wide Ibogaine Treatment Providers A list of clinics and individual treatment providers.   An Ibogaine retreat center available for consultation regarding PTSD An Ibogaine site and clinic that does great work in Mexico  Here is a patent pending  by Dr.. John Olney for the use of Ibogaine to heal brain damage, and other neurological disorders. It's medical reading but if you have an aptitude and an interest, it's pretty amazing! So far he or anyone else in the med field won't comment or opinion on it.

Below is a newscast featuring the work of Dr. Deborah Mash, one of the few Doctors in the U.S. trying to make Ibogaine a legal treatment in the US.

Ibogaine In the News