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How Ibogaine Gave Tony Torres Back His Life

Note* It was just about one year to the day from when Tony had his Ibogaine session, until he wrote this. During this time I've witnessed Tony go from an extremely talented musician that could barely tie his own shoes in life, to one of the most confident, capable, exciting. and vibrant bandleader, friend ect..  He is still growing in every aspect on a daily basis. Tony claims that his Ibogaine experience was the most positive life changing experience ever, as my session was for me, also. Click here for my story. There's a lot of info about Ibo on the bottom of this page. Tony wanted to share his story, so that anyone in a similar situation can learn about Ibogaine and consider it for a possible cure. Good luck & much love!

I struggled with depression all my adult life. Couldn't seem to break free from my past. I had no idea whatsoever that my spiritual quest was being hampered by my own attitude and approach.
     37 years of bad decision making leading up to a tumultuously failed marriage and eventual suicide attempt found me in a five day stay at the local psychiatric ward.
 During my stay, Dave (D.C. of D.C. & Co.) visited me every night and gave me the spiritual support that I wasn't getting anywhere else. He mentioned ibogaine and I said, "Let me give these new meds a chance first."  And for a while I could feel the meds doing their work.
     Meanwhile, my divorce had left my life in tatters...I met the love of my life and still couldn't seem to get it together spiritually. My failed marriage had done what seemed like irreparable damage to my psyche. Also, the meds eventually stopped "working".
      I started resorting to my defenses that I had developed over the years to protect my inner self. Any situation could send me down the broken spiral staircase that my  mind had become.
       One night, in a desperate moment, my fiancť called Dave and asked him what to do. Dave said, "Put him on the phone". Through a lengthy conversation, we both agreed that the time had come.
        I had no idea what a beautiful moment that tear soaked, gut wrenching decision was to reveal itself as several days later when I received my treatment.
         It changed a life that I and many others were beginning to think would never change.
          I won't go into detail of my treatment as I know it's different for every individual that receives treatment. What I will share is this, if you humble yourself to the resetting of the ego, ID, and neurological transmitters of your brain, you will undergo a most profound change in your way of thinking...but you must give yourself a chance.
       I found this new inner strength, or maybe not so new, more like recognizable  strength to face any challenge that comes  along. Instead of resorting to old defenses, you find an intense calm that allows you to give every moment it's proper attention and an ability to focus on the end result instead of all the "what ifs" and possible failures along the way.
        The biggest difference for me has been that I now live every moment as though it were my last and I am finally able to receive love, recognize it and know it for what it is. I can now give love "by the boatload" and never tire or grow weary.
        Focus is the end result result for me. Anyone who would do a biography of my life for the last decade, would clearly see the difference ibogaine has made for me.
        Don't get me wrong, I still have my ups and downs, my bad days/nights just like any human, it's just that I am now able to face any challenge, receive any "gift" and experience any moment in a much more positive and focused manner than I've ever known.
        P.S. It helps immensely to listen to what your Ibo provider has to offer as far as insights and advice before, during and after your Ibo treatment in order to fully implement your new self, back into this crazy world that we call  life.  Tony Torres 2/11/15
    Feel free to be in touch by clicking here.

Ibogaine is  an extract from a natural root bark grown in Africa.  It reboots the mind, body & soul to a pre-trauma state. itís very effective in drug interruption with minimal or no withdraw. There are Ibogaine clinics in most countries, but itís illegal here in the US.  As far as the mind and the soul they compare an Ibogaine session to 10 years of therapy.

Read how Ibogaine saved Dave Costarella of D.C. & Co's life. click here!

Ibogaine links

Ibogaine Explained  written by Peter Frank

If you're considering Ibogaine for any reason, Please, Please check out this book "Ibogaine Explained"! It is the nuts and bolts of an Ibogaine session, what to expect, where it comes from, are you a good candidate and so much more.  A guy named Peter Frank. just put this out, It's available on Kindle or in paperback.

It's a quick read, (less than 80 pages) It will answer most of your questions, also touch on things that you don't care about. But it doesn't sensationalize Ibo, it will help you make a smart decision!

You can get the other stories of "How it saved my life!", on YouTube, here and through out the internet, but this will just give the unglamorous facts, history and will walk you through what to physically expect from an Ibogaine session.

 If you're not sure if ibogaine is calling you or not, please click here, for under $8.00, you can learn all about it, and make the proper decision.  Please believe me, I'm not here to sell you anything, I'm just trying to help if I can.



Rite of Passage A documentary about Ibogaine

Iboga Association An Ibogaine Clinic in Cape Town Africa. This site has a lot of good information on it about Ibogaine and the treatment process.

IboRadio  An internet radio station hosted  by Damon Smith that advocates and deals with all aspects of Iboga , including interviews with providers, Bwiti tribe members, clinics and even me.

Interview with Eric Taub Eric Taub is one of the pioneers in providing Ibogaine treatments.

World Wide Ibogaine Treatment Providers A list of clinics and individual treatment providers.

www.IbogaQuest.com   An Ibogaine retreat center available for consultation regarding PTSD

awakeninginthedream.com An Ibogaine site and clinic that does great work in Mexico

 http://www.patentgenius.com/patent/5629307.html  Here is a patent pending  by Dr.. John Olney for the use of Ibogaine to heal brain damage, and other neurological disorders. It's medical reading but if you have an aptitude and an interest, it's pretty amazing! So far he or anyone else in the med field won't comment or opinion on it.

Below is a newscast featuring the work of Dr. Deborah Mash, one of the few Doctors in the U.S. trying to make Ibogaine a legal treatment in the US.

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